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StartWhip 660g (N20) Cream Charger

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StartWhip 660g (N20)  Nang tank, Food Grade Cream Charger Cylinder

660G  Whipped Cream Chargers, for Food/Kitchen/Bar USE ONLY, NOT FOR THE MEDICAL USE, NOT RECYCLABLE, Must be over 18 of Purchasers!

  • Each 0.95L Canister contains 660g of the highest culinary grade n20 gas available, and considerably reduces wastage vs 83 of 8g standard Cream Chargers per 1 of our units.
  • Same contents as 83 normal Cream Chargers per 1 of our units.
  • Pressure regulator- The release of Nitrous Oxide exactly to the amount you need.
  • Pressure Release Nozzle – included each cylinder in every order. With the spinning nozzle, Use this nozzle to get rid of any left-over gas in order to safely dispose of the cylinder. Easily dispose of tank at an iron dump near you.
  • Pressure release nozzle included per cylinder in every order .
  • Discreetly packaged & Specially designed.


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